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The Iron Horse Goes to Siberia — A Good News Story!


Trying to get in a solid workout while on the road can sometimes be more than a little tricky. If your work has you travel a lot throughout the year, that can create some real issues when it comes to making good on your long-term fitness goals. The secret, of course, lies in trusting and thriving upon your own creativity.

Last week, I promised to share a proven whole-body fitness program geared toward maximizing fat loss while minimizing muscle loss. I’ll make good on that next week, but first I want to illustrate the importance of creativity when it comes to “making due” while on the road.

That hotel gym is useless! Or is it?

We’ve all been there. You walk into your hotel (underwhelmed by the lobby’s 1970s decor) and warily inquire about the house fitness facilities advertised online. The manager points to a darkened hallway and surmises a workout machine might exist down that way. “No promises.”

So you cut through the cobwebbed tunnel of despair and find your way to what might once have been called the “fitness room.” It looks like something out of a Tolstoy novel, only somehow a little worse because you know you’re not actually in Communist Russia…or in prison.

Behold! In a darkened corner sits the rusted hulk of a very dated Universal gym. Most of the components are either missing or broken. “Impossible,” you say. No point in even trying, right? Might as well take your chances in the hotel’s lobby bar for happy hour.

Wrong answer! There’s hope yet for any gym situation. It’s all about creativity.

Remember that scene in Rocky XXXVII where the Iron Horse (Sylvester Stallone) is lifting weights in an old barn prepping for the next biggest fight of his life against the largest Swedish Russian in history? Well…whilst his juiced-up opponent Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) trains with the best equipment Cold War money can buy, Rocky is literally slinging boulders around from the barn’s rafters.

The Italian Stallion made due with what Siberia had to offer. Old Leo would have been so proud (in a sorrowful kind of way). Who won, you ask? No spoilers here…

And the moral of the story is…

Think about that the next time all the other hotels are booked and you’re forced into an inn with less-than-optimal fitness facilities. Your next workout should only be limited by your own creativity. Adapt and overcome. Flexibility is key.

Oh…and start traveling with some resistance bands. Resistance bands are relatively cheap, quite safe, and can be highly effective when used properly. You can find a lot of quality workouts with just a quick Google search.

Until next time…

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