About Aj’s Focus on Fitness

This blog is my opportunity to share…you guessed it…details about my own life experiences. Not a terribly unique concept, but I’ve done everyone the favor of setting some parameters. The focus of this blog is on general health and wellness. What readers can expect are highlights from my workouts, observations about the latest diet and fitness trends, and stories of personal triumph–my own as well as those of others.


Should a reader want to comment on a particular post, he or she can and should! Only keep in mind that whatever is shared on my site, to include pictures or videos directly posted (not just linked to), will, by necessity, become my property.

Why do I include such a caveat?

Glad you asked. Should I ever decide to one day create my own health and wellness site, I would want to have a repository of potentially useable information. Your comments are valuable, and will always be properly cited to give full credit where credit is due! Oh…and I also reserve the right to choose what does and does not get posted to this site. I like to keep things neat and clean (my kids should be able to read this blog…though they’d surely think it way too boring).

With that, I sincerely hope someone other than me gets at least a modicum of satisfaction in reading something found on my blog site.

Warmest Regards



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