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Besides just being pretty good workouts, programs like P90X and Insanity (as I’ve stated before) can be really useful in helping seasoned fitness enthusiasts break through fitness plateaus. But unless you really enjoy the workouts, a commercial fitness program can be kind of tough to see through to completion. And when one does complete such a program, there’s always the question of where to go next.

When the song is over…

If you do manage to complete a given program, you might be left wondering what to do with yourself. For those who are relatively new to high intensity training, chances are they’ll either give their completed program another go (stick to what’s familiar — no shame in that), or they’ll just give up on training altogether.

Never make that last mistake, but be careful about becoming too reliant on any given. Just the same, if you aren’t knowledgable enough to design your own program, stick with what works…at least until you know more about fitness.


Live to learn; learn to live…

If you’re serious about fitness (or serious about getting serious), do yourself a favor and start reading about fitness and nutrition immediately. You can continue with your commercial program, but you might as well learn more about why your program is designed the way it is. When you’ve learned enough to graduate from novice to enthusiast, you can start experimenting a little. If done properly (i.e. safely), that can actually be a lot of fun.

May the music never die…

Fitness improvement is not an isolated event — some series of workouts spanning a 90-day period. That’s right. It’s a lifestyle. Nothing you’ve never heard before. Like I suggested last week, find what works for you and make that your staple. Experiment, but know when to stop doing something that’s not delivering desired outcomes and rebound as quickly as possible. The whole affair of living a fitness lifestyle is about discovering more about your body. And since our bodies tend to change over time, that pursuit never gets boring.

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