Wounded Warriors Project (TM)

I’ve only one thing to share with you today.

My Bootcamp (TM) is a real military Bootcamp-inspired personal training company that not only supports the Wounded Warrior Project (TM), it employs our nation’s heroes as personal trainers; not just for their physical abilities, but for their warrior spirit. That spirit is contagious, and if you’ve ever spent even a few minutes chatting with a wounded warrior, you know exactly what I mean.

So…forget about my blog. Please take a few minutes to learn more about companies like My Bootcamp (TM), and support those returning from harm’s way.

Warmest Regards,


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My name is Aj, and I am a fitness and healthy living enthusiast. Please check out my log at www.ajsfocusonfitness.com for more information. View all posts by Aj

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