Friday Wrap-Up on Thursday…

Well it’s Thursday and not a scheduled publishing day for me. I definitely want to sum up the week, but tomorrow’s docket is pretty full. Today will do just fine for that. Consider it an early Friday treat…but you still have to go to work tomorrow. Sorry.

This week I hit hard on being good to yourself after a sad run-in with an individual who, to me (i.e. not a doctor) appears to suffer from an obsessive compulsion to exercise.


(See Monday’s post, I’m Sexy And I Know It…, for the whole story)

My suspicions were clearly confirmed this morning when I once again witnessed the workout stylings of the girl who punished herself.

To kick start my morning, I headed to the gym for a quick 30-min cardio session. She came in a couple minutes after me. Here’s how her workout went from start to finish:

– Speed walk into the gym

– Jump onto treadmill

– No warmup; hard run (5 min)

– Full stop on tread; run to the scale; measure weight 2x; run back to tread

– Hard run (10 min)

– Full stop; run to scale; measure weight 2x; hit the deck

– Begin wild, side leg “flutters” (5 min/leg)

– Begin speed “crunches”

– Back to scale; measure 1x

– Speed walk out the door

So what do you think? Does my gym neighbor have a problem?

I believe she does.

The information I have is admittedly limited. There is a wide range of possible reasons for her gym performance.

– Perhaps she’s fixated on slipping into a particular outfit.

– Maybe she saw someone else work out like that once.

– It’s possible she runs a very tight schedule and is just trying to cram as much in as possible.

Who knows? What I do know from observation is that she 1) is dangerously unfamiliar with fitness fundamentals, and 2) exhibits a very unhealthy focus on body weight.

So please think about this story the next time you hit the gym, the road, the pool…whatever you do for exercise.

Make sure you know what you’re doing; not because it annoys others when you don’t, but because it’s unsafe to do so otherwise.

A structure’s fortitude depends largely upon the quality of craftsmanship. Same goes for your body.
~ Aj

Also, focus on your intent. Why are you working out? Is it to lead a healthy lifestyle, or is it to punish yourself for a dietary goof-up?

Finally, look out for others and be courageous enough to confront them about your concerns. That can be very tough to do, but it can be a real positive game changer for the individual.

So did you? Confront her, that is…

Right. That’s a fair question.

No. I did not confront the girl who punished herself.

Why not? Because I could not bring myself to confront a stranger about such a personal thing.

Maybe if I could witness her a few more times — perhaps strike up a friendly conversation or two. Maybe then I could move into a chat about exercise habits.

Unfortunately, developing that kind of rapport takes time, and today was my last visit to this particular gym. My hope is that someone she knows can see clearly enough to intervene soon.

With that, I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

Please do feel free to share your thoughts on this or any previous article right here on my blog. Also, I’m interested in what topics interest you. Sound off!

Until next time…

Warmest Regards,


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