I Love Me. I Love Me Not…

While a healthy dose of inner military training instructor is…well…healthy, there comes a time to tell that MTI to shove it!

On Monday, I wrote about the lady who punished herself. That story breaks my heart more and more each time I reflect upon it.

Why do we participate in such self-loathing activities? I use the word we because I’m pretty surewe have all done it at least once before. I know I have spent years doing it in the past, and I still get attacked by that inner bully once in a while.

So why do we attack ourselves, and what can we do to fight back?

There are a few things we can do to keep our self-destructive alter egos in check. For one, it helps to know the signs of an oncoming assault. Here are a few signs that my darker half (I call him Chet) is about to surface.

I know Chet is knocking when:

    1) I look in the mirror and think my body looks many inches fatter than it did the day before.
    — Unless I ate a large pumpkin (whole) or was victim to a horrific accident (maybe a bit redundant), I don’t think that’s really possible.

    2) I am increasingly critical of other people; stranger or otherwise.
    — This is a very good sign of self image issues. My mom told me that years ago, and it’s just as true now as it was then.

    3) Negative thought patterns outnumber positive ones.
    — If I can’t maintain a positive focus on life, it’s because some part of me does not want to (that’s Chet).

And now it’s time for a quiz…

Okay. Just so everyone is clear, I haven’t really named my alter ego Chet. I just figured a vague reference to a 1980s movie would soften the intensity of the subject a bit. Let’s see how well you know your movies! Here’s a hint:

Chet’s frustrations grew in proportion to the amount of snow that collected in his bedroom after an experiment gone haywire.

Now…name that movie! I’ve not left you hanging. Read on for the answer.

Moving on…

The signs mentioned above all have one thing in common. That one thing can totally destroy a workout session as well as derail weeks of hard effort in the gym. I’m referring, of course, to negativity.

We all get schwacked by negative thinking from time to time, but learning to see it for what it is — and early enough — can make the difference between maintaining a successful fitness program and giving up altogether. That pretty much goes for every other human endeavor.

The only man who makes no mistake is the man who does nothing.
~ Theodore Roosevelt

Stay positive, and when ( not if ) you fall off that horse, get back on as quickly as possible. Do not beat yourself up for your mistakes.

To bring the focus back to fitness, consider how a vacation might affect your fitness goals. How will you handle a missed workout? Will you give up on trying to make the next workout, or will you try to make up for it somehow? Take the latter a step further–will you be able to let one workout go, or will you punish yourself unnecessarily during your next gym visit?

Bottom line:

Be good to others; you’ll experience wonderful things. Be good to others and yourself; you’ll experience amazing things.

Until next time…

Warmest Regards,

Answer: Weird Science

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