Forever Friday


Hi, everyone. I hope this little update finds you healthy and happy.

As I said on Wednesday, my leave of absence from work began, officially, Wednesday evening. For the next couple weeks, every day is a Friday. Sweet!

Since publishing my first article here on Aj’s Focus on Fitness this past May, I’ve not missed a single scheduled post. That’s an achievement worth celebrating!

Writing brings me a great deal of satisfaction. Whether it’s fiction, history, training guides, or–of course–fitness and health, I love to write. This blog has been a very enjoyable outlet for that passion. And if even one reader benefits personally by something I’ve written, Focus shall be a huge success.

To all my friends and family: You all inspire me so very much. Thank you for reading and supporting this blog!

Today I rest, recharge and refocus. I hope you all get time to do so yourself soon. Until next week…

Warmest Regards,


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My name is Aj, and I am a fitness and healthy living enthusiast. Please check out my log at for more information. View all posts by Aj

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