Friday Wrap-Up No. 5


Not much of a wrap-up this week, folks. I only have a few points to cover plus one kickin’ hockey movie recommendation (no kids for this movie…unless they’re Minnesotan like me).

So this week we discussed stress and juicing. Not that kind of juicing. The real and healthy kind involving pressed veggies and fruits. Do it! That is…juice the heck out of those fruits and veggies at least once a day for a power-packed workout. Too easy (and cheap!). Seriously. Try it for a week, and see if you still need those caffein-packed pre-workouts. I am hooked!

Resetting the Baseline…

I started P90X this week with my daughter. I’m a pretty athletic individual, as is my princess. Sometimes, though, she and I suffer from the inability to stand still. Yoga falls into that category. P90-YogaX, however, turned out to be different…way different. I’m using the P90 system to, as my friend Rick put it, reset my baseline. Well said!

Cost of my relationship with her: priceless! Cost of P90X: whatever…

Thanks to some inspiration from another friend, Mike B., I killed all 90 minutes of YogaX last night. Here’s the thing. I don’t need a program like P90X to get in shape. I’m already doing pretty well next to most average Americans (Mr. Horton…you are not average). What I’ve gained from the past week, though (beyond physical gains), is something very personal: a closer connection to myself and to my daughter.

In reading another fit dad’s blog this week, I reflected on the importance of inspiration and learning from others as we learn, ourselves, to lead the way. Scott…you are an inspiration. Do not give up on your goals, sir.

Movie Time…

Goon with Sean Michael Scott and Liev Schreiber (available on Netflix), is a terrible movie…to watch with your kids or without a close friend who is either from Canada or from Southern Canada –a.k.a. Minnesota.

The movie was chalk full of four-letter tirades, but the underlying theme was awesome. Bottom line: perseverance and indomitable spirit always win the day. If you’ve served a day or more in the military and/or grew up playing hockey, this movie will resonate with you. Think Slap Shot with heart.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Warmest Regards,

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