Sharing Is Caring…for Oneself?


Goal #2: “I want my bench, squat and dead lift sets to go up by 20 lbs each in the next 30 days.”

I know. Last week I promised only three posts per week, and I’m sticking with that formula. But just as I’ve encouraged you all to do, I want to share with others (you) a couple recent successes. This mini-progress report touches on one of my long-term goals.

Woe Was Me…
I spent Saturday and Sunday completely wiped with a low-grade fever. Obviously my 5-Day Split routine went on hold, with me only knocking out 3 of the 5 workouts for the week.

By Monday, I was on the mend but made a bit woozy by too much exertion. So I decided to take yet another day of rest. I also juiced some fresh veggies and fruit to boost my recovery. The lost workouts were a real bummer, but all was not lost.

Unforecasted Growth…
At 5:00 this morning, I hit the road for a solid 2.5 mi run. By noon, I was in the gym. I decided to take my last two missed workouts (Saturday and Sunday) as losses. So just as I did last Tuesday, I hit chest and triceps…hard.

Throughout the workout, I paid close attention to the notes I kept during my previous session and really pushed myself (I track my workouts via my iPhone while listening to Pandora–usually reggae).

Notes from today’s session:

Bench Press – Power
Sets: 2-4 Reps: 3-5
(165×5) 2 min rest (165×5) 2min (165×5) 2 min (165×5)
* Note: This is 10lbs more than last week, and I missed zero reps. Time to move up!

Incline Bench Press – Muscle
Sets: 2-3 Reps: 6-12
(135×8) 1.5 min (135×7) 1.5 min (135×6)
* Note: Same weight as last week, but gained reps on all sets for a great overall performance. Will use same weight next week and try to hit 12 reps/set before moving up in weight.

Dumbbell Bench Press – Muscle
Sets: 2-3 Reps: 6-12
(60×7) 1 min (60×6) 1 min (60×5*)
* Note: Finished with alternating presses to really isolate the movement, hence the lower rep count on that set. I did, however, gain a rep on that first set. Definitely felt a power increase from last week. So much progress despite being wiped out the last few days!

As you can see, in just one week I’ve made measurable progress toward a long-term goal. Talk about motivation! And because of that, I’ve had even more nutritional discipline all day long. Awesome!

Keep working on your goals, achieve something, and be awed by your own abilities. Until tomorrow…

Warmest Regards,

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