New Week – New Goals

Well, folks, it’s a brand new week, and I’m ready to take on some new challenges. If you read the wrap-up last Friday, you know that the focus this week is on setting a couple mid-term fitness and nutrition goals.

When we set mid-term goals, the idea is to take on some of those goals that take a little longer than a couple weeks, but that are not quite on the three months or more scale (long-term goals).

Of course, just because the name has changed, the rules for goal setting haven’t changed a bit. Let’s recap:

Any goals you set should be realistic, attainable, and (pay attention) measurable.

Gut check!

Think back on your seven goals for last week. Did you attain any of them? If so, how did you measure your achievements? If it was weight loss, that might have been pretty easy to figure out. Just set a number, do some homework, and do what it takes to reach that number. If it was to drop inches, though, that might have been a bit more tricky, since the timeline was so short (tougher to measure in the short-term).

This week is an opportunity to get a good snapshot of your long-term progress before you even get to those end goals. If you want to grow your chest a few inches by September, for example, you’ll have trouble measuring significant progress after just a week or two. Give yourself three weeks, though, and you should see some real, measurable changes. Perhaps that would be the goal:

I want to record a positive change in my chest measurement by 16 July. Any measurable growth will do!

Don’t overdo it!

Be careful not to set more than two or three of these mid-term goals. Setting more than that may overwhelm and then discourage you where the intent is to encourage you.

So, in keeping with the goals we set last week, we want these mid-term goals to link back to our long-term goals. Here’s what I shared:

The Bigger Picture:

  1. I want my current 27 min 5K to be an easy 24 min by September
  2. I want my bench, squat and dead lift sets to go up by 20 lbs each in the next 30 days
  3. I want to get back on a regular sleep schedule by the end of the month
  4. I want to reduce stress for the long-term
  5. I want to drop my BMI by at 5% by September
  6. I want to improve my flexibility and reduce potential for injury
  7. I want to be working in the fitness industry full-time within the next 5-10 years

Obviously it will be tough to measure progress toward no. 7 on that list given just a few weeks. The others, though…sure!

But which goals do I focus on?

Whichever is most important to you and for which progress toward it can be sufficiently measured. For me, given the long-term goals listed above, I’m going to focus on running my 5K a couple minutes faster by 16 July, and dropping 5 lbs in the same amount of time.

That’s it. Too easy.

In closing:

Get going on your goals. Share them with someone you trust and who tends to have a positive outlook on life. We’ll check in with one another on Wednesday. Until then…

Warmest Regards,


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