Friday Fitness Wrap-up No. 2

Happy Friday once again, everyone. I hope you’ve got plenty of positive, enjoyable activities planned for the weekend. If you’re like me, here’s to the thrill of surprise (I rarely plan out my weekends).

So, this week we covered a lot regarding workout nutrition, but I really don’t feel I went deeply enough into why certain foods are good for pre- and post-workout energy sources. So I’ve promised myself to cover more of that in the coming weeks. And on that note…

HOT! Publication Schedule Change

Now that my new blog is almost a month old, and I’ve now posted 22 articles on fitness and nutrition, I think it would be appropriate to change up the publication schedule a bit.

Starting next week, I will only put out 3 posts per week. Here’s what I’ve got in mind:

Monday: Introduce the primary focus and offer challenges for folks to undertake over the course of the week.

Wednesday: Review of the challenges, where I’m at with them (it’s a team effort after all), and any helpful articles or resources I may be able to share.

Friday: I really like the Fitness Friday Wrap-up meme, so I’m going to stick with it. It’s a great opportunity to discuss successes, failures, and to offer up some motivation for the weekend.

So, that’s it for this wrap-up, and I hope that, if you enjoy this blog, you’ll spread the word; especially if you find it at all helpful in motivating you to pursue and achieve your own fitness and healthy living goals.

Until Monday



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