Today’s Trifecta

Okay. Here’s today’s intake and output all laid out. This was not a typical day for me. I ran late this morning (body told me it was tired; so I listened — it’s all about trade offs). I keep meal replacement shakes on-hand just in case I have mornings like this. I also keep one or two in the fridge at work in the event of those last-minute meetings that zip right through the lunch hour. They’re not great, nutrition-wise, but they’re still major que nada, right?

The soy milk was a nice surprise. I forgot I had left one at work a couple weeks ago. Really came in handy since I didn’t get enough good food in me last night. Remember: Pay it forward!

The subway lunch was great. Absolutely love spinach salads! The snacks kept my recovery going, and the pizza dinner was a special treat made even more special by the fact that my kids made the pizzas by themselves (1 cheese & tomato, 1 cheese & pepperoni).

Here’s how it all went down:

7:00 – HEB brand Opti-Meal
10:00 – Chocolate Silk (soy milk)
10:50 – Vega Sport Pre-workout Energizer
11:10 – 12:00 – Workout (Legs)

  • Smith Machine Squat (135×12)(155×10)(165×8)
  • Smith Machine Front-loaded Squat (95×8)(95×8)(95×9)
  • Leg Press: (90×12)(180×10)(270×9)(360×6)(90×12)
  • Leg Extensions: (85×12)(110×10) — Superset w/leg curls; no rest
  • Leg Curls: (65×12)(80×10)
  • Seated Calf Raises (50×14)(50×14)(50×14)
  • Dead Lifts (225×4)(225×4)(225×4)
  • 5 min cool-down stretch

12:30 – Subway spinach salad w/grilled chicken & bacon (oil & vinegar dressing)
2:30 – Fiber One Chewy Chocolate and Peanut Butter (90 cal variety)
4:00 – Blueberry GoGurt (I know…I was in a hurry this AM)
6:30 – Homemade thin crust pizza (4 slices – Kids nailed it!)

Total daily intake after evening meal: ~1800 cal
Day’s Goal: 2000 – 2200 cal

So you see I’ll need to bridge the gap with an evening snack in order to make my calorie goal (especially if I decided to go for a run later). If I don’t hit 2K for the day, that’s not great, but breakfast tomorrow (eggs with salmon and a side of fruit) should set me up for another great mid-day workout tomorrow.

And now for a game of chess with my youngest!

Warmest Regards


P.S. Make time for positive things that leave you feeling enriched by having done them. Playing games with my kids is one of those enrichment activities for me, and it can really have a profound impact on one’s general outlook on life.

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