Prometheus Plugs Smart Nutrition for Recovery!

I went to see Ridley Scott’s Prometheus tonight. What a surprise! Quite a bit more cerebral than I had expected.


Don’t worry. I’m not going to ruin any plot twist or tell you something like, “the dog dies.” I won’t tell you that. I did not tell you that. No dogs die in this movie…that I know of.

Seriously, though, there was one thing that caught my attention and broke my concentration on the film for just a split second (other than the numerous times throughout the movie I was distracted by the cute 2 year-old kid whose brilliant parents must have decided his psychological development might be forwarded by watching this “R”-rated film).

Carbs or Protein after Cryo-sleep?

After a couple years of frosty dreaming in deep space, the Prometheus crew wakes up only to hear regular reminders by the ships computer to eat…a lot. They drank some kind of liquid sludge that flowed from a tap like the milk dispenser in a military chow hall. The “drinks” looked an awful lot like my breakfast this morning. Hence the broken moment of concentration.

The Breakfast of Champions

Here’s what I made this morning to break my long, deep sleep journey through the previous night:

– 1/4 cup fresh blueberries
– 1.5 scoops of strawberry protein powder (30g whey protein)
– 1tbs all natural peanut butter
– 2tsp whole psyllium husk
– 2tsp ground flaxseed
– 8oz cold water
– 1 cup ice

Blended for 60 seconds, this is a really low calorie, highly nutritious, easily digestible meal. It was a great start to my day. It primed me for all the stuff I needed to accomplish and then left me energy for a late showing of what will likely be another summer 2012 blockbuster movie.

Great weekend, and I can’t wait to see how next week pans out.

Warmest Regards,


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