Going Paleolithic Much?

I bought a book yesterday called, The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet, by Robb Wolf (2010). I downloaded the Kindle version via Amazon to read on my iPad.

Why are you interested in the paleo diet, anyway?

To be honest, I’m less interested and more curious. Since this week is about nutrition, I decided to read something new (for me) on the subject. I have “read” half the book (a lot of text scanning going on here). It’s fairly interesting, but it is also written with a bit of over-the-top cheekiness. To Robb’s credit, though, making nutrition a fun subject can be tough.

What I find most interesting is that the approach to “eating like our ancestors” is a lot like my experience trying to eat kosher a couple summers ago. I’m not Jewish, but I wanted to see what it’s like (I have many Jewish friends who lead kosher lives and seem pretty healthy).

While eating kosher that summer, I did take it a step further and significantly reduce my carbohydrate intake (breads, cereals, pasta, and sugars not from fresh fruits). I saw real results from that.

The thing is, I didn’t exactly live well that summer. There were many late nights of mostly studying, two-a-day workouts without giving much time for recovery, plenty of beer, and I was still a pack-a-day smoker. By the end of that summer, though, my body was (at least visibly) in better shape than it had been in a while.

So are you saying that Uncle Ruben lived the paleo diet lifestyle?

Nope. Unless, of course, he did. Eating kosher, though, does not necessarily mean your adhering to the paleo diet. You’d have to read more to understand, and I’m still not entirely certain about all the differences.

Are you going paleo on us?

Hardly. I just want to learn more about it. You can’t read results like those touted in Robb’s book and not scratch your head a little and wonder. He talks a little about treating the symptoms of lupus with this diet. That hit close to home for me. My warrior of a father is stricken with the disease. Naturally, I’m going to finish the book.

So…do like I’ve done and go find a book on nutrition this week. It doesn’t have to be a radical approach book like the one I downloaded, but find something to educate yourself more on the general subject. We pay a lot of attention to what goes in and out of our bank accounts every day, but too many of us fail to think about what enters and–yes–exits our bodies.

Happy eating and reading!



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4 responses to “Going Paleolithic Much?

  • roughseasinthemed

    I was quite confused by paleo. Anyways, save me writing my views in a comment box, here is my post –


    Unlike Uncle Reuben, I reckon my parents did live/eat it.

    • andyisaj

      Perfect run-down you’ve done there on your views of paleo eating. Thanks for sharing. What I really took away from your post, and a positions with which I happen to agree, is that one must really focus first on what, exactly, he or she is putting into the body. You’re a vegetarian, I am an omnivore. We can both, arguably either way, live incredibly healthy lives so long as we avoid certain things, such as preservatives and other “chemically altered” food products to the greatest extent possible, stay smoke/tobacco/drug free, and get plenty of healthy exercise…as a start.

      Thanks for sharing your views!

      • roughseasinthemed

        Thank you. Totally agree about our body fuel. Why try and live on junk?

        With regard to paleo, I do think it is exclusive and expensive, which victimises people on low/minimal/no incomes. That is a problem, to me.

        Secondly, an awful lot of people live on a pulse-based diet, with minimal meat (fish, poultry etc) and have amazing longevity.

        Thirdly, there is the environmental issue about how much damage rearing meat for humans to eat causes.

        Each point has a different aspect – money/income, public health and life expectancy, environmental damage.

        It’s an interesting topic, but – paleo is not for me. I think the principles are flawed (regardless of the meat, as you can get veg paleos too).

        Look forward to any further views you may have.

  • andyisaj

    Thanks again for continuing the dialogue. Your personal dedication to living a vegetarian lifestyle is commendable. That takes commitment, discipline and willpower.

    For you, I suppose, it’s now second nature…you have to think about it no more than I do when I order a steak with a side of steamed veggies. Still, it’s part of who you are, and it’s certainly not a negative characteristic (nor, do I feel, is being an omnivore or straight up T-Rex carnivore).

    The direction of this discussion brings up a point that seems to find its way into every discussion I ever have on fitness. People really just need to know themselves and their bodies. Experiment with diet and exercise (in a healthy, whole-system-look kind of way), and then do something with what you learn about yourself to make positive adjustments to your overall lifestyle.

    You’re right that there are plenty of ways to get protein other than simply cutting into a turkey breast or devouring a lettuce-wrapped bison burger. If you feel better (physically and mentally) avoiding animal products, you really shouldn’t eat meat. If not eating eat makes you feel weak and sick much of the time, common sense says something needs to change. That’s when experimenting comes in handy (again…healthy, minor changes to see if something improves).

    A really smart guy with crazy hair once defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” I subscribe to that meme.


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