The Kaizen Principle

Kaizen? Isn’t that a type of bread?

Each time I publish a post, I link to it via Facebook so anyone interested can see what I’ve added to my blog. After my last post in which I talked about pushing my physical limits to encourage continued growth, a friend of mine commented that she, herself, prescribes to the kaizen principle. Boy did I feel silly when I had to look that up.

For those of you too proud to admit you don’t know what it is (I’m with you, but I have to share openly…it’s my blog, after all), kaizen is Japanese for “continued improvement,” and since World War II, it has evolved into a world-wide system for process and quality improvement, largely used in business and manufacturing, but equally applicable to healthy living programs.

Thanks, Facebook friend, for introducing me to the word. As your comment suggested, it appears I’ve already prescribed to the principle…at least in my approach to physical training.

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”  ~ Gautama Siddharta

Isn’t it amazing what we can accomplish when we focus less on what seems undoable and more on what does seem doable? All steps toward improvement, no matter how small or insubstantial they may appear at the time, make a positive contribution to whatever it is you’ve decided to change or otherwise improve upon.

Closing Thoughts…

Next week, I’ll be focusing on nutrition more than on mental toughness—at least as it pertains to to hitting the gym or racking up road mileage. Mental toughness, though, is part of any program that aims for positive change. Nothing good ever comes easy.

“Fitness activity and healthy eating habits are not fleeting aspirations.”

This quote comes from the Kaizen Fitness homepage. That really resonates with me, and it is apropos to this week’s theme of “Something is better than nothing.” So as we rest and prepare for another week of new challenges and opportunities, remember the words of the Buddha and keep in mind the kaizen principles.



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