PT – Good for You. Good for Me.

Happy First Friday, everyone!

Today was a PT day for me. My organization not only allows for this time as part of my workday, but it requires it. Think about that for a moment.

. . . .

I get paid to work out. I’m not a pro athlete. I’m not a private, personal trainer. I’ve been given a good deal of training. My organization not only paid for the training, it paid me to get trained. What an awesome start to a fresh weekend!


This morning I hit the trails and ran for about 45 min. By 28 min, I’d hit 3 mi, so I kept along fairly well with my Adidas micoach program for today. Here’s what I accomplished:

5 min – Jog at 10:56-20:00 min/mi (I maintained 10:45-11:00)
10 min – Jog at 8:00-10:30 min/mi (averaged 9:00)
10 min – Run at 7:15-8:00 min/mi (averaged 8:20)
10 min – Jog at 10:56-20:00 min/mi (averaged 10:56)
Free run for 10 min (averaged 10:00 min/mi)

micoach score: 83%

micoach feedback: “Quality workouts (like this one) are the key to achieving your goals!”

If you know me, 83% is not “quality” or cool. I was disappointed with my last score of 93%, which was evidently “Awesome. Picture perfect!”

But after talking with a coworker (same gent that introduced me to micoach), I realized that 83% is pretty darned good. I was definitely pushing my limits during that run.

Push it to the limit, one more time…

The Eagles were right! I’ve been so focused on lifting weights for the past 24 months that I take for granted the idea of always pushing for more. No challenge, no growth. Plain and simple. Somehow I forgot the same is true in running. My spirits are higher than 83%, and that is cool.


So far this week: lift, run, run, lift, run. Tomorrow is Saturday. I have a few things planned, but I owe myself another weight training session and at least one more run.

“Something is better than nothing” is making me stronger each day!



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