Pounding Pavement

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Ok. Woke at 4:30 this AM, and thirty minutes later (plus a low carb Monster), I’m ready to go pound some pavement.


Run 5 min in my “blue zone” (11-22 min/mile)
Run 20 min in my “green zone” (7:50-10:50 min/mile)
Run 5 min in the “blue”

Using Adidas’ micoach. Last run I scored a 98. Let’s see if I can get 100, this time.

Good morning!


7:00am – Accomplished the run, but this time I scored a 93%. Not bad, but not what I wanted.

I ran 2.94mi in 32 min. My average pace, according to micoach, was 11:02. That includes a 5min warmup at about 11:30 min/mi (jog) pace and a 5 min cool down at a 16:00 min/mi pace (walk). The rest averaged about 9:30 min/mi pace. That’s atypical for me, as I generally run a 5K in under 30min with relative ease. Today was tough!

So what happened?

1. I did not drink enough water last night (remember my 70-min workout?)
2. I did not eat enough yesterday (total calories around 1600 – have to account for workouts)
3. I did not get enough sleep (4 hrs is not healthy; 2 days in a row is really not healthy)

How will I improve for tomorrow?

Do the opposite of all the above, and keep my head up. I still accomplished a lot, and I’ve dropped 3lbs since Monday (about 1lb per day). I had a healthy breakfast and I’m sticking to H2O for the rest of the day.

Great start to a Thursday!



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