Mantra: Something Is Better Than Nothing

This week I am struggling to find time to workout. I’ll spare you the bag of excuses, though, because they just don’t really work. There may not always be enough time in a day, but we have to find the time somewhere. Being crunched for it just forces us to look harder for other fitness opportunities.

My workout this week calls for running about three miles every day between Monday and Saturday plus 25 minutes of basic plyometrics on three separate days. By Tuesday, my schedule was jammed from sunrise to sunset. I did not workout on Tuesday, yet I still met all my fitness goals. How did I do that?

A train leaves from New York…

No. This is not a wickedly complex word problem from your 7th grade math book. On Saturday, I looked hard at the coming week and saw the challenges that lay ahead. Tuesday and Thursday would be the hardest, but Wednesday is also going to challenge me.

Knowing that, I ran three miles Saturday morning plus another three in the evening. And then I attacked my off day.

Sunday, for me, is typically a day of rest (traditional, I know). This Sunday, though, was an opportunity to care for the temple that is my body. Seeing the scheduling challenges that lay ahead, a gym workout on Sunday, no matter how modest, would help.

Mejor que nada…

So it’s now Wednesday morning. I missed yesterday, but I paid into the week earlier. I might miss another day tomorrow. Ok. That’s not great, but maybe tonight I’ll run four instead of three miles and perhaps throw in a quick back and bicep workout. Nothing big, but something more. We’ll see. My mantra: something is better than nothing.

Do you face time challenges when it comes to scheduling and making workouts? Give my mantra a try. It’s free and sans copyright. Feel free to share your own motivating mantra or stories of how you’ve overcome workout deficiencies.

In the meantime, find some motivation and just get moving!



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